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New Jewellery in store right now.

We have a gorgeous range of jewellery we are selling online through our relationship with the gorgeous Mac & Co store in Mudgee.  We know you are going to love this range. Mx

We love the range from Viviano

Viviano is a mother + daughter duo based in Melbourne.


All of their jewellery is designed in Melbourne and handmade by artisan makers. the core of our practise is creating timeless, elegant designs.

Respecting our environment is an integral part of their business operation. Viviano seeks to reduce wastage by creating high quality + timeless designs, that last a life time. we are also committed to reducing our use of plastic, therefore no longer use plastic in our making process.

All of the timber used in viviano’s timber jewellery range is also sourced from government supported, sustainable plantations.
In the range there are three sizes available in our bangles and rings 
  • small - 6cm internal diameter
  • medium - 7cm internal diameter
  • large - 8cm internal diameter
 to determine your bangle size, make a loose fist and measure from the centre of your pointer finger knuckle, to the centre of your pinky finger knuckle. this measurement will be equal to the diameter of your bangle size.Viviano’s bangle sizes may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of each one. 



  • small - 1.6cm internal diameter
  • medium -1.8cm internal diameter
  • large - 2.0cm internal diameter


here are a few tips to keep your resin in great condition for years to come 
  • avoid dropping or banging resin against hard surfaces - it is prone to chipping and cracking
  • keep resin items out of direct sunlight as it can cause some of the colours to fade
  • to clean, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth and avoid washing with liquids
 if you follow these few simple steps you will keep your resin items looking pristine for a very long time to come! 

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