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Meg by Design is proving to be a popular brand with Blue's clients



So many reasons we are stocking this gorgeous Australian label.

Megbydesign has evolved from its simple, one person beginnings to a thriving clothing brand, whilst still focusing on unique and high quality garments.

Megbydesign is a women's clothing range without seasons, time or age. Every piece of the range is hand made ethically and sustainably. All of the pieces are designed to intertwine and build upon throughout the seasons and years. Each garment is simple, elegant and intended as a canvas for the wearer to imprint her own stamp of expression.

They employ people both in Australia and abroad, using sustainable fabrics, packaging and ethical practices. 
In the hinterlands of Byron Bay they are on a journey of sustainability. Composting excess fabrics and off cuts, in addition to sending and presenting your garments in 100% plastic-free compostable packaging.  Their labels, twine and tissue paper are all 100% recycled, recyclable or compostable.
The brand sits well within our ethic of buying sustainable quality garments that surpass trends, seasons and whims.  Utilising natural fabrics - cotton, linen and silk. Wear in summer with sneakers and in winter with boots and a jacket.
I particularly like the simplicity of sizing - many garments are one size, others are offered in small or large only.  They fit any body type, all pieces will fall differently on each person, however on no body will it be conforming which is apart of the divine beauty of this brand.
If you are looking for something that ticks all the boxes, pop in store to try or buy from our online store
Might be time to start hinting for Christmas....
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