Corkcicle wine cooler in Gift box


Experience wine at the perfect temperature every time with the Icicle Shaped Corkcicle. The Corkcicle chills your wine from the inside and makes it easy to experience wine at the ideal temperature without the hassle of ice buckets or wine coolers. The Corkcicle can be washed and used again so you can enjoy perfectly chilled beverages for years to come.

Pewter top presented in beutiful black presentation box and sleeve.
Have perfectly chilled wine every time
Keeps your chilled whites at perfect drinking temperatures
Keep your red wines at perfect drinking temperature
It even brings those heavier room temperature reds down to more suitable drinking temperature
Non-toxic and BPA free
No need for ice buckets

Chill wine from the inside. Corkcicle is an easy way to chill wine without having to tote an ice bucket. Simply open your pre-chilled wine bottle, pour out just a sip’s worth to avoid overflow, and insert the pre-frozen Corkcicle. Remove the Corkcicle from the bottle prior to pouring. Hand wash and re-freeze for next use.

Bottle and glass not included - please note this item is not engraved as shown in the picture.